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Semiconductor Device Simulation

Semiconductor Device Simulation

The research on modelling and simulation of advanced electronic devices, using different numerical techniques implemented in one, two and three dimensions, is being held in our group for more than ten years now. Specifically, the study of fluctuations and material variations using drift-diffusion and Monte Carlo simulators for MOSFETs and the implementation and optimisation of our simulators for use in supercomputers and Grid infrastructures is now our main area of expertice.

Currently, we are working on the extension of the scope of our simulators, their functionalities, the type devices to be analysed and the fluctuation studies. Simulations are performed in the Galician Supercomputing Centre (CESGA) facilities, mainly in the Finisterrae supercomputer, which we have worked with since it was installed, and in a 56 cores grid that we have adquired one year ago.

The reseach in this line can be classified in this four main areas:

  • Simulation of devices based on ferromagnetic semiconductors.
  • Two-dimensional simulation of silicon and GaN devices using the Monte Carlo method.
  • Three-dimensional parallel simulation using drift-diffusion and Monte Carlo including quantum corrections.
  • Study of the influence of intrinsic parameter fluctuations on the performance of devices.