Attendance at the EACL 2017

The EACL 2017 Conference was hosted at the Valencia Conference Centre from April 3 to April 7, 2017. This is a Core A conference. We have presented several pieces of research in different co-located workshops and sections. Two of them are directly related to the CompMT project:

The Diachronic explorer

A demonstration to show the Diachronic Explorer. This is a system using distributional models to search for the historical changes in meaning of all words in Spanish.


The paper can be found below or in the EACL website.

Compositional semantics using feature-based models from WordNet

A poster describing a system to perform compositional semantics with WordNet-based representations and distributional information.


The poster and the paper can be found below. The paper can be found on the EACL website too.

The poster for "Compositional semantics"

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