openet4mg is a platform for the study, design, and characterization of a system for the execution of ontology-based medical guidelines. The overall objective aims at the implementation of the activities associated to the medical guidelines that allow the proper treatment of a patient's pathology, so that the patient stays at home.
Collaborative Design Medical guidelines can be designed by a group of doctors asynchronously.
Dynamic Modification Medical guidelines can be modified at runtime. This modifications are applied to a single pacient.
Reuse Adapted medical guidelines can be reused for other patients with similar profiles.
More expressive Workflow-based medical guidelines are more expressive than others expressed in languages like Asbru, PROforma, GLIF or EON


Currently the system is available for demosntration in a first stage for tracking chronic diabetes patients. This version allows the design and implementation of medical guidelines for a single user. It also allows dynamic modification of medical guidelines at runtime.