openet4ld is a platform for the study, design, and characterization of IMS-LD-based units of learning executed as ontology-based workflows. The overall objective is to coodinate in time tasks performed by both students and teachers allowing the whole learning process to be performed remotely, without classes.
Imported courses The platform can execute courses defined in other languages like IMS-LD.
Dynamic Adaptation Courses can be modified at runtime to be adapted to the different learning needs of the students.
Reuse Adapted courses can be reused for other students with similar learning needs.
More expressive Workflow-based courses are more expressive than others expressed in languages like IMS-LD, LAMS or GRAIL.


Currently the system is available for demosntration at an advanced state that supports the run levels A and B of the IMS-LD specification, allowing the execution of adaptive courses. This implementation is integrated with Moodle at two levels: users database and messaging services.