OPENET is a distributed platform for ontology-based workflows execution
OPENET is a platform based on cloud and autonomic computing for the execution of ontology-based workflows. The platform is domain independent and can be adapted to other domains like medical guidelines, adaptive e-learning and industrial processes.
Generic Platform OPENET is domain independent, so it can be easily adapted to any other domain.
Dynamic Modification Workflows can be modified at runtime
Reuse Workflows result of adaptations, can be reused for similar use cases
Cloud Computing Workflows can be executed in a cloud computing environment allowing the platform to scale.
Platform's current applications
Medical Guidelines
Applying OPENET to the clinical guidelines domain, an application capable of execution medical guidelines for chronic diabetes patients was obtained
Applying OPENET to the learning domain, an application capable of execution IMS-LD-based courses was obtained
Industrial Processes
The OPENET platform was also applied in the domain of industrial processes control.